The legislative decree n° 219 of April 24th 2006 states that the access to medical information relevant to medicinal drugs prescribed by doctors can not be open, but limited to those subjects authorized to prescribe and/or deliver drugs to patients.

In case of need of further details or information, patients are invited to ask to their doctor or pharmacist.

The same decree n° 219 of April 24th 2006 states that can be promoted to patients and consumers all drugs which, for the composition and its therapeutic objective, have been studied and realized without a professional support to make diagnosis, prescription, monitoring during treatment and in case of need under pharmacist’s advice.

Drug Name

Active Ingredient(s)

Fluimucil® / Flumil®


Monuril®/ Monurol®/Monural®

fosfomicina trometamolo

Spidifen®/ Spifen®/ Espidifen®/ Spidufen®

ibuprofene arginina

Spididol®/ Spedifen®/ Espididol®/ Faspic®

ibuprofene arginina

Dolo-Spedifen®(OTC Svizzera)

ibuprofene arginina

Rinofluimucil® / Rhinofluimucil®

N-acetilcisteina + tuaminoeptano

Seki® / Flutox®


Anauran®/ Panotile®

neomicina + polimixina B + lidocaina

Ursacol®/ Ursochol®

acido ursodesossicolico

Monurelle Cranberry

vaccinium macrocarpon


colistimetato sodico