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Zambon is also present in the area of urinary pathologies. Urinary infections represent a frequent and bothersome disease which each year develops in about 20-30% of female population. The most frequent urinary infection is cystitis. Scientific evidence demonstrates that one woman out of two suffers from a cystitis episode in the course of her life1.

Zambon has developed for urinary infections an antibiotic made of fosfomycin trometamol, which is generally administered as one shot therapy.
The normal status of urinary tract is guaranteed by a healthy life style, by a proper diet and an adequate water introduction. In order to promote the rebalance of urinary tract Zambon has developed a food supplement, Monurelle, made of cranberry and vitamin C.

Urinary Tract Wellbeing

Zambon, thanks to its well-established experience in the territory of urinary infections, has developed a medical device, Monurelle, made of cranberry and vitamin C, helpful to promote the rebalance of urinary tract.

Cranberry acts hindering the E. coli adherence2 (bacterium most frequently responsible for urinary infections) to the bladder walls3. Vitamin C enhances the action of cranberry supporting the body defences4.





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