Who we are

Zambon is a modern multinational pharma company founded on the heritage and values of an innovative Italian family-owned enterprise.

Established in 1906 in Vicenza, the company has earned a strong international reputation over the years for high quality products and services. Zambon is well-established in 3 therapeutic areas: respiratory, pain and women’s care, and is committed to the specialty disease areas such cystic fibrosis and Parkinson’s Disease. In 2016 revenues amounted to 713 million euro, with the pharma division totaling 600 million euro and a staff of over 2800 people in 19 countries in 3 continents Europe, America and Asia.
Throughout its long history, Zambon stands out for the ability to innovate and bring solid and organic growth to its core products, while covering more markets globally.



In 2016 Zambon entered a “new growth phase”, a renewed path that confirms our international mission and our commitment to support products that are the result of our research process and to develop drugs that have a positive impact on patients’ lives.

Value Report 2016

A company's history lies in its heritage, rich in its values and makeup. It is a kind of DNA and rediscovering it serves as a natural link between this heritage and the present



It is the long tale of a family spanning one hundred years, by intertwining with their business, assumed its identity and became one with it. The reconstructed history was made possible by the stories retold by many people, particularly elderly folks, whose memories would perhaps have been lost. Rather than retracing an industrial and financial chronology, its intent is to discover which individual and collective values allow a live entity such as a business community, to grow and perpetuate itself successfully over time.

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