Disclosure Code

This area of the website was created by Zambon UK in full compliance with the ABPI (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry) Code of Practice, to which our company belongs.

The ABPI Code of Practice has been agreed and voluntarily adopted by the pharmaceutical industry in compliance with the statutory rules and regulations which are aimed at regulating the relationships between the industry and healthcare and scientific organisations and associations.

Like all companies abiding by the ABPI Code of Practice, Zambon UK has been involved and compliant with the ABPI guidance on Transfers of Value to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations since 2015.

Specifically, the Disclosure Code requires that all transfers of value between the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations be published on a yearly basis, with reporting starting in 2015. As such, Zambon UK has prepared a table summarising all transfers of value together with a brief itemised description as required by the provisions of the ABPI.

What are transfers of value?

Transfer of value are payments of a financial nature, such as:

  • Sponsorship of attendance by healthcare professionals at meetings
  • Fees and expenses paid to healthcare professionals
  • Contributions towards meeting costs paid to healthcare organisations which may include sponsorship of healthcare professional (e.g for registration fees, accommodation, travel)
  • Contracts with healthcare institutions, organisations and associations.  

How can the full autonomy of Healthcare Professionals be ensured?

It is essential to maintain a continuous dialogue and discussion between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals for the development of medicines and our collective wellbeing.

These relationships must be managed in a manner that the physicians can maintain their prescribing autonomy. Disclosure of financial payments made to healthcare professionals and organisations will avoid any misunderstandings about physician autonomy.

Respect for privacy

Because the reporting of the transfer of value amounts received by individual healthcare  professionals involves the publication of their personal information, Zambon UK has left the decision entirely to the  healthcare professional whether to authorise or deny the publication of transfers of value made to them.

Publication of values

The transfer of values are published on the following website


This site contains a table that indicates the first and last name of the healthcare professional and the exact amount of the financial payments received only if the healthcare  professional has  consented to such payment disclosure.  The table also reports amounts paid to healthcare organisations.

If a  healthcare  professional denies consent to disclosure, the transfer of value amounts made to them will be included in the aggregate value, in other words in the total amount of values paid by Zambon UK.

Indirect transfers

It should be noted that not all transfers of value published on a named basis – upon authorisation of the healthcare professional – have been materially collected by the healthcare professional. The company has very often paid the corresponding amount indirectly and not to the healthcare professional, for example to an agency to cover the travel costs for the healthcare professional to attend an appropriate educational meeting.

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